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Kaymera Pixel5 Premium

Kaymera Pixel5 Premium

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Fully Encrypted Kaymera Smartphone.

What's in:
- Premium Google Pixel 5A device
- Kaymera custom encrypted OS (12 months license)
- Silicone transparent phone case


- Application security
- Real time risk level monitoring
- End to End calls and chats encryptions
- Secure group chats
- Ransomware protection
- Advanced personal securite features: panic mode, chameleon mode
- Threat detection & mitigation
- Security alerts
- Real time risk level monitoring
- Hashing personal data


Pixel 5A:
154.9 mm (6.10 in) W: 2.90 mm (2.77 in) D: 7.6 mm (0.30 in)

Package size:
FedEx Medium Box
H:29.2 cm W:33 cm D:6 cm
Minimum weight for shipping 1Kg


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How to use

Our support team is available to assist you in any questions and assistance you might need to get started with your secure mobile phone.

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100% Security

Kaymera phone keeps you safe from:

- Pegasus
- Ransomware
- Phishing
- Network Spoofing
- Data leakage