We Are Kaymera

A cybersecurity company, focusing on securing Android ecosystem via mobile Operating System, developer tools, and apps, driven by advanced Machine Learning and AI. Built for Governments, Enterprises, and individuals.

The line between Secure Mobility and Mobile Security has all but disappeared. Smartphones, Connected Vehicles, Medical devices, Payments and Banking applications are all susceptible to an ever expanding attack surface and risk. Kaymera is here to protect you.

  • Our Mission

    Kaymera enables using the power of visibility to secure essentials: digital assets, mobility, and end-points. Our new generation leading-edge security engine brings the control over privacy back into users' hands.

  • Our Vision

    Kaymera aspires to be a most buzzed-about cybersecurity visionary by bringing AI and comprehensive Machine Learning capabilities to redefine the fight with continuously evolving Android cyber threats in real-time, everywhere.