Premium Privacy & Security

The kaymera phone provides complete privacy, keeping your business your own.
By preventing & protecting from harmfull cyber attacks, we keep your location, voice calls, messages, files and information safe.

  • Application Security

    Advanced access control, activities management

  • Ultimate Usability

    Flawless integration of security into OS native flows

  • Personal Security

    Panic mode & incident response framework

  • Custom-built OS for High-End Devices

    Based on Google Pixel smartphones latest models
    (Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 pro)

  • Detection & Mitigation

    Real-time network, physical, app & on-device anomaly detection + policy-based mitigation

  • High End Device

    Google Pixel mobile devices powered by a custom built OS for ultimate usability.

  • One phone - Two realities.

    Experience a whole new concept of identity and data protection with Kaymera’s advanced personal security features.

  • Chameleon Mode

    Create a doppleganger hidden account on the same device to secure the most private data.

Worldwide Representation

Kaymera works with customers and partners from over 40 countries around the world. Widely represented in governmental institutions, finance, military, legal. and healthcare sectors, we provide cutting-edge privacy software to all our customers.

Our Experts are always here to support - here are answers to commonly asked questions


What is the difference between Essential and Premium Kaymera OS?

The main and only difference is that Kaymera Essential version of our secure Operating System DOES NOT include encrypted calls and messages functions.

We believe that there is no secure communications without a secure device, therefore, with Kaymera's Essential we keep providing our users with bulletproof cybersecurity. As to communications: calls and chats. It is completely fine to keep using the messenger of your choice that you trust and Kaymera will still guarantee that hackers won't be able to get to your messengers from your phone. You can still use the messaging app of your choice, as long as you trust it, and Kaymera guarantees that hackers won't be able to compromise your messengers on your phone. It ensures that the device's core functionalities, underlying architecture, apps, and user data are protected against various threats.

Choose a messaging app of your convenience and stay fully protected by Kaymera OS.

Can I have Kaymera on my Samsung, Iphone or other Types of devices?

Unfortunatly, no. Kaymera only supports unmodified android environments, thus supporting google pixel devices only at this time.

Can I use a Kaymera phone as my regular phone?

Yes, the Kaymera phone can act as astandard phone and has a feature called Chameleon mode that allows the user to show a deceptive view of the phone for security reasons and keep the main user data safe and secured. Basically enabling creation of two separate users within one phone. One is the regular secured main user with secure calls and secure messages application, and the other one is a regular normal android user.

Does Kaymera Sell and ship Globally?

Yes we do! Kaymera sells and ships to most countries. for specific information check our Shipping Policy

Does Kaymera support desktop devices?

No, our solutions specialize in protecting android based devices only.

What happens after a year? how do i renew my license?

Customers can renew their service license every year at a reduced price (not the full price of the service and the phone). When your license will be near the expiration date you will recieve an email\ text from Kaymera with renewal instructions and information.

What is Chameleon Mode?

Chameleon Mode enables the user to create two separate users within one phone. One is the regular secured main user with secure calls and secure messages application, and the other one is regular normal android user. This feature allows the user to use the phone as regular phone as well as use it to show deceptive view of the phone for security reasons and keep the main user data safe and secured.

Panic mode- This advanced security feature is based on the chameleon feature and designed to protect the user in case of a physical encounter with non-friendly third party.
 By enabling the Panic mode, two emails will be sent upon entering the Chameleon user pin code to specific email address set by the user. 

Which SIM card do I use?

You can use any SIM card provided by a local carrier of your choice, the number you are given will be used for security service registration.
please make sure to use the permanent SIM during installation.

What to do if I would like to change my SIM?

If you decide to change your SIM card, just replace the SIM and go through the same process as in the initial registration process.

How do I register my Kaymera phone?

Once you receive your Kaymera phone, connect it to fast and stable internet, insert a SIM card and follow all the instructions given by the device: Type your phone number including country code and area code, and wait for the
registration code.

How can I see my old contacts?

The device contacts are added from the connected google account. This process sometimes takes a few minutes and can even take an hour. After all contacts are added to the device, Kaymera application goes over them and checks for "Kaymera phone" numbers and adds them to the secured contact tab on the app. This process also takes a few moments.

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